Every company in Singapore is responsible for maintaining its proper bookkeeping and accounting records as per Singapore Company Act. In addition to fulfilling the compliance requirements stipulated by regulatory authorities ACRA and IRAS, it will in turn help companies’ daily business operation.

There are four packages of bookkeeping depending on your volume level. The level of volume per month is determined by the factor as below. (3 out of 5 factors)

Low Volume
Number of sales invoices 0 – 20 20 – 50 > 50
Turnover $0 – $50K $50K – $500K > $500K
Bank Statement Transactions (no of Pages) 1 1 – 3 > 3
Accounting Transactions** 0 – 25 25 – 100 > 100
GST Registered Business Additional $ 50 / Mth Additonal $100 / Mth Additional $200 / Mth

**Accounting transactions refers to every accounting records of the business. Example of accounting transactions are: sales on credit to customer, receive payment from customer, purchase of material, recording the depreciation of a fixed assets.

Bookkeeping Workflow

  • Procedure
  • Required Documents
  • Select Packages / Services
  • Payment



Fill in the inquiry on line


To receive the packages recommended by us


Select package & make payment


Send us all financial documents for bookkeeping


To review the draft accounts & reports

Required Documents

Documents List

  • Bank statement
  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase invoices
  • Purchase vouchers
  • Expenses claims
  • Fixed Assets schedules
  • Other contracts such as loan agreement, hire purchase agreement, investment agreement
  • Prepayment & Accrual Schedules
  • Staffs’ Payroll
  • Last year financial statements, Management accounts, Tax filing for existing company


  • Let us know more about the volume of your transactions (Pages of bank statements, Estimated sales revenue, No of employees)
  • Ensure the financial documents to be filed in order (Invoice by month, Payment voucher/ cheque by number)

Related Regulations

  • GST filing – As a business, you must register for GST when your taxable turnover exceeds $1 million.
  • Accounting Records – Companies are required to keep proper records and accounts of business transactions. Your company must maintain proper records of its financial transactions and retain the source documents, accounting records and schedules, bank statement any other records of transactions connected with your business. Your company must retain the records for a period of five years from the relevant YA.

Select Packages / Services

ACCOUNTING - Bookkeeping - Dormant Company for One Year (Package)

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Quarterly GST Submission
  • Management Report

ACCOUNTING - Bookkeeping - Low volume transactions (Package)

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Quarterly GST Submission
  • Management Report

ACCOUNTING - Bookkeeping - Medium volume transactions (Package)

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Quarterly GST Submission
  • Management Report

Payment Method


Credit Card / Debit Card


Internet Banking

and more …


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