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  • Payment



Fill in Application Form on line


To receive the packages recommended by us


Select package & make payment


To review and approve the Payroll & Pay slips


To e-submit CPF on behalf of you.

Required Documents

Documents List

  • Employee Details including NRIC/Passport, bank account number, Position, Basic Salary, Contract, etc
  • Attendance records
  • Salary Adjustment
  • List of New Recruitment and resignation of the current month
  • Staff claims


  • Ensure the documents are complete
  • To update any changes in headcount, increment to synchronize our data base
  • To assign us Corppass account as payroll service provider

Related Regulations

  • Under the Employment Act, companies must pay their employees’ salaries within 7 days after the end of the salary period. Failure to pay salaries in accordance with provisions of the Act is an offence.
  • Central Provident Fund – If you hire local employees, you will need to make CPF contribution for them. This will help your employees meet their retirement, housing and healthcare needs.
    Skills Development Levy (SDL)- SDL is compulsory levy that you have to pay for all your employees working in Singapore including employees employed on permanent, part-time and foreign employees on work permits and employment pass holders.

Select Packages / Services