ACCOUNTING – Bookkeeping – Medium volume transactions (Package)


Non-GST Registration Business: $100-500/ month
GST Registration Business: $200-600/ month

This service includes:

1.) Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Documents collection
  • Data-Entry of sales invoice, purchase invoice, expenses claims, collection and payments
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Free Consultation (1 Hour)

2.) Quarterly GST Submission

  • GST Calculation
  • Form 5
  • E-submission & filing with IRAS

3.) Management Report

  • Monthly Balance Sheet Report
  • Monthly Income statement reports
  • Financial Analysis
  • General Ledger Reports
  • Accounts Payable Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable Ledger
  • Fixed Assets Ledger
  • Accounts Schedules


There are four packages of bookkeeping depending on your volume level. The level of volume per month is determined by the factor as below. (3 out of 5 factors)

Factors Low Volume Medium High
Number of sales invoices 0-20 20-50 >50
Turnover $0-$50K $50K-$500K >$500K
Bank Statement Transactions (no of Pages) 1 1-3 >3
Accounting Transactions** 0-25 25-100 >100
GST Registered Business Additional $ 50/Mth Additonal $100/Mth Additional $200/Mth


**Accounting transactions refers to every accounting records of the business. Example of accounting transactions are: sales on credit to customer, receive payment from customer, purchase of material, recording the depreciation of a fixed assets.